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2020 (3)

Variants in RABL2A causing male infertility and ciliopathy
Ding X, Fragoza R, Singh P, Zhang S, Yu H, and Schimenti JC. Hum Mol Genet 2020 29(20):3402-3411.
SAAMBE-SEQ: A Sequence-based Method for Predicting Mutation Effect on Protein-protein Binding Affinity
Li G, Pahari S, Murthy AK, Liang S, Fragoza R, Yu H, and Alexov E. Bioinformatics 2020 August 31.
SAAMBE-3D: Predicting Effect of Mutations on Protein–Protein Interactions
Pahari S, Li G, Murthy A K, Liang S, Fragoza R, Yu H, and Alexov E. Int J Mol Sci 2020 21: 2563.

2019 (1)

Extensive disruption of protein interactions by genetic variants across the allele frequency spectrum in human populations
Fragoza R, Das J, Wierbowski S, Liang J, Tran T, Liang S, Beltran J, Rivera-Erick C, Ye K, Wang T, Yao L, Mort M, Stenson P, Cooper D, Wei X, Keinan A, Schimenti J, Clark A and Yu H. Nature Communications 2019 10(1):4141.

2018 (3)

Extracting complementary insights from molecular phenotypes for prioritization of disease-associated mutations
Wierbowski SD, Fragoza R, Liang S, Yu H. Current Opinion in Systems Biology 2018 11:107–116.
Interactome INSIDER: a structural interactome browser for genomic studies
Meyer M, Beltrán J, Liang S, Fragoza R, Rumack A, Liang J, Wei X, and Yu H. Nature Methods 2018 February 15(2):107-114.
An interactome perturbation framework prioritizes damaging missense mutations for developmental disorders
Chen S, Fragoza R, Klei L, Liu Y, Wang J, Roeder K, Devlin B, and Yu H . Nature Genetics 2018 June 11.
Evaluated as "Exceptional" by "FACULTY of 1000".

2016 (1)

A Proteome-wide Fission Yeast Interactome Reveals Network Evolution Principles from Yeasts to Human
Vo TV, Das J, Meyer MJ, Cordero NA, Akturk N, Wei X, Fair BJ, Degatano AG, Fragoza R, Liu LG, Matsuyama A, Trickey M, Horibata S, Grimson A, Yamano H, Yoshida M, Roth FP, Pleiss JA, Xia Y, Yu H. Cell 2016 Jan 14 164(1): 310 - 323.

2014 (3)

A Massively Parallel Pipeline to Clone DNA Variants and Examine Molecular Phenotypes of Human Disease Mutations
Wei X, Das J, Fragoza R, Liang J, Bastos de Oliviera FM, Lee HR, Wang X, Mort M, Stenson PD, Cooper DN, Lipkin SM, Smolka MB, Yu H. PLoS Genetics 2014 Dec 11 10(12): e1004819.
Elucidating common structural features of human pathogenic variations using large-scale atomic-resolution protein networks
Das J, Lee HR, Sagar A, Fragoza R, Liang J, Wei X, Wang X, Mort M, Stenson PD, Cooper DN and Yu H. Human Mutation 2014 May 35(5):585-593.
Featured as a video highlight in Human Mutation
Exploring mechanisms of human disease through structurally resolved protein interactome networks
Das J, Fragoza R, Lee HR, Cordero NA, Guo Y, Meyer MJ, Vo T, Wang X, and Yu H. Molecular BioSystems 2014 Jan 10(1):9-17.

2013 (1)

Integrative annotation of variants from 1,092 humans: application to cancer genomics
Khurana E, Fu Y, Colonna V, Mu XJ, Kang HM, Lappalainen T, Sboner A, Lochovsky L, Chen J, Harmanci A, Das J, Abyzov A, Balasubramanian S, Beal K, Chakravarty D, Challis D, Chen Y, Clarke D, Clarke L, Cunningham F, Evani US, Flicek P, Fragoza R, Garrison E, Gibbs R, Gümüş ZH, Herrero J, Kitabayashi N, Kong Y, Lage K, Liluashvili V, Lipkin S, MacArthur DG, Marth G, Muzny D, Pers TH, Ritchi G, Rosenfeld JA, Sisu C, Wei X, Wilson M, Xue Y, Yu F, 1000 Genomes Project Consortium, Dermitzakis ET, Yu H, Rubin MA, Tyler-Smith C, Gerstein M. Science 2013 Oct 342 (6154), 1235587.
Highlighted as "Research Highlights" in Nature, 2013, 502: 144