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* co-first author; ¶ co-corresponding author

2019 (2)

Revealing new therapeutic opportunities through drug target prediction via class imbalance-tolerant machine learning
Liang S, Yu H. bioRxiv 2019.
Leveraging genetic interaction for adverse drug-drug interaction prediction
Qian S, Liang S, Yu H. bioRxiv 2019.

2018 (2)

Extracting complementary insights from molecular phenotypes for prioritization of disease-associated mutations
Wierbowski SD, Fragoza R, Liang S, Yu H. Current Opinion in Systems Biology 2018 11:107–116.
Interactome INSIDER: a structural interactome browser for genomic studies
Meyer M, Beltrán J, Liang S, Fragoza R, Rumack A, Liang J, Wei X, and Yu H. Nature Methods 2018 February 15(2):107-114.

2017 (1)

iRegNet3D: three-dimensional integrated regulatory network for the genomic analysis of coding and non-coding disease mutations
Liang S, Tippens ND, Zhou Y, Mort M, Stenson PD, Cooper DN, Yu H. Genome Biol 2017 Jan 18 18:10.